The adjustment of anchor point and keyword density, Links, help you love Shanghai.

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obviously, but with a relatively small, so if you want to make the edge of the Shanghai dragon optimization must not do too much, just do a best, do attitude is a little fake, but it is easy to let the search engine think we cheat.

I have been suspected to be the love of Shanghai’s own problems, recently tested a few stations, the station is too obvious optimization rankings are not, it seems like Shanghai excessive optimization in the thorough investigation, also is the black hat Shanghai dragon, these drop right or K stand in the anchor point and the problem of key words the density, Links is my feeling, no specific test, but also according to the.


A few days ago In fact, the hard The

Hello, I am Harbin actual web design, has recently been in love and Shanghai fight, has been looking for a solution to increase the law required in June, hoping to solve the problem as soon as possible, a lot of tests, discovered that in fact is the anchor point, the keyword density, Links problem, summarize the love Shanghai first explain the settlement of the Shanghai dragon also, can be said to be the black hat Shanghai dragon, love like Shanghai on the one hand, improve the user experience, on the other hand, as we all know, in fact I do Shanghai dragon so long, met a lot of love Shanghai adjustment had known for a long time will be out of question sooner or later I love Shanghai station, cannot make a stand always occupy the first position, this time I can only be K, is think it is normal, or they take what money, but still have some problems, don’t say these words Now, I talk about the recent test results.

station of Harbin website production before the word love Shanghai page third, now on the first page of second love Shanghai, is to adjust the results of these days, the keyword density is very low in the past, and there is no anchor Wendian, I put the key words on the website in the top right now, but don’t put too much another station, I, is too obvious, so now the density can hit about 3% on the line, not too obvious

through the above summary, keyword density of not more than 3% of the absolute density, if you want to deliberately add anchor text, to control the number, in the most important place, put a can, other places must be natural, not deliberate pursuit of density and the anchor point, if natural form, do not care about, do not try to hide.

said Links is adjusting range, I counted down, a move the adjustment did not change much amount, most are not many Links, naturally many links, not just the words, so the link should be diversified, naturally, and most of them have a lot of effective Links, have the right to be reduced or K out of the station Links, so I >


first cut a figure that, after adjusting the website ranking.

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