See the search engine optimization techniques from the large body

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today, search engine optimization has been known and popular. Do SEO people but they are too many to count, specializes in these the total number of Shanghai dragon in Er field are also different, some are good at optimizing the enterprise station, some good at optimization of information stations, and even some good optimization of B2B/B2C and other large web site. Although the optimization based on them are almost the same, but the optimization scheme is not the same, the need to pay attention to the details are different, so for large sites we should be how to do

many ER in Shanghai Longfeng website optimization is to see the home page keywords and keyword density set as optimization objective. I think these can only be a simple to do home keywords optimization ranking. Key words too much will lead to the dispersion of the weight of your home page to get ranked, instead of keywords too little to obtain traffic will be less. A popular keywords may often a year you can rank to the home page, it means that this year you are not likely to earn income. So how should we do?

we saw inside the station, such as the A5 station network, you can look at the key words of their home page ranking, is not what we imagined so good, even some are not ranked, so how do they get these a lot of traffic? Based on the author’s own view to observe these flows are all from the long tail keywords the content of the page ranking, therefore.

then you have carefully read this kind of large sites, their demands are not so many details. For example: the home page title tags, Keywords tag, description tag set, and the column set up and we do not Shanghai dragon Er mouth often said to words etc.. I believe a lot of Shanghai dragon ER in wonder, why do they do this? I can only tell you that they do is not to traditional enterprise station, home alone can get accurate ranking traffic on it.


I think that these are based on the massive data they come. Take the A5 station network, their data in at least tens of thousands. In these massive data have been in a key field to get good rankings, so they will flow into, although these words could not every day, but when all Many a little make a mickle. together, it will be a huge traffic, this is also a way of the reason for their success. Of course, they can not rely on the Shanghai dragon a road to promotion. May also use the other way to guide the flow, this I will not say more, I believe we all know.

optimization? In

based Tencent such as Sina News in the news, a large site in daily life we usually know, as a webmaster identity. We often on stationmaster net in A5 nets, the owners of the house. But why do these sites will be so many people know

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