Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis and help you improve website viscosity

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website?Why The use of

want to retain users, it is necessary to return the user characteristics of content and characteristics of our website are fully unfolded, the full use of our advantage, such as: A5 optimization group Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis optimization services this is the A5 station features a long net to the location of your website, this service there is a lot of enterprises and all owners looking for, when the user search Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis came in, their intention is very obvious, is to help them diagnose A5 optimization team website, at least there is also the wish, perhaps just.

website features to attract users to

users will come to our website

now that we know why people come to our website and also generally understand their needs, then we how to retain users, let them have the urge to return? Of course it depends on our website to speak, only regular valuable web content to keep the user, otherwise, the appearance of again beautiful also is in vain, and fancy website no real content users won’t return. This again confirms the content of this sentence, but this is just a day only update the content on the line, this requires us more effort in the content, more carefully, put yourself in the user’s perspective to consider what they want to see what kind of content, what language, what kind of space is in line with their habits, these are to be taken into account, even the site of the font and color should also be considered, and the content of how to layout, although these are small problems, small details, but also to fully make the user experience of the website.

want to improve your viscosity first we consider is that users will come to our website? Only want to understand this problem is just good according to the situation to solve the problem, for this problem we must first think about why I do this site, and what is the location of this website? Users here now. They are, why? What in our website users can? Users want to see what kind of content? What kind of page? The users come to our website to think clearly, you can understand how to do to improve the viscosity of website is very good.

What we take to keep the user

there are a lot of website is the user through the search engine or other way to your web site, but it is lightning left, for such cases has been flattering, but why is this the case? Is the website viscosity today and we say the problem, how can we keep the user, let them do not want to leave the thoughts in the in site, second times or third times of the impulse? Today A5 Shanghai dragon group (贵族宝贝 diagnosis and optimization of Shanghai dragon.Admin5贵族宝贝/) to come and talk about how to improve the viscosity of the

Why does

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