Shanghai dragon Er to learn the secret to the success of God

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perfect writing, "Chongqing Shanghai dragon, Chongqing Shanghai dragon optimization, Chongqing site promotion, Chongqing Shanghai dragon service, Chongqing website construction" is a separate 5 keyword index words, sentence is a standard title, the main keywords "Chongqing Shanghai dragon" is stressed three times, and the website the title echoes, also describes the function of the website.


The secret of success of



reasonable website name, see the name of the web site is "< title> Chongqing Shanghai – Shanghai dragon love love Shanghai Shanghai dragon optimization ranking [] in love Shanghai search engine optimization services < /title>" the importance of Title writing occupy 75% in Shanghai Longfeng work inside. Why is the name one? According to the keyword recognition search engine of this station is "Chongqing Shanghai dragon", "love Shanghai Shanghai dragon", "Shanghai dragon optimization", "search engine optimization", "the love of Shanghai, and the optimization index search these keywords in 150 operations, but also to identify some long tail keywords smaller index. There is something God gave up the traditional keyword combination short underline format, with the recent love Shanghai update mentions the attention of the user experience in the same algorithm.

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Keywords The secret of success of


The secret of success of



. What is the magic, the villain of the heart on the stomach, do not consider the "black hat" technology.

has recently emerged as an optimization "Chongqing Shanghai dragon" blog on the Internet, 23 days to do a few main keywords love Shanghai first, and these words are the basic network to promote the industry of Shanghai dragon Er, in a short time can get such good results by Shanghai Dragon Phoenix Er novice called Shanghai dragon er.

standard Description written in a lot of training there to teach you, the description of the website is to search your site to read, not the basic influence of search engines, that is before thinking, now really have effect, do not believe you immediately fell in love with a look at the sea search words, search out the website is not in addition to topic description below the title is not marked eye-catching color, not even our search words show the site title, and the title, was ranked in front.

One The secret of success of

domain name, the God of the main keywords "Chongqing Shanghai dragon" domain name "cq- er贵族宝贝, Shanghai dragon" fit is high, easy to identify, split the domain name "CQ" "Shanghai dragon" "Shanghai dragon Er" itself has a certain index.

The secret of success of

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