Analysis of common causes and solutions of website snapshot

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as everyone knows, website snapshot is one of the weights of the website, the website is also analysis we love Shanghai pay attention to one of the key factors of the degree, but I found a lot of friends including the website often snapshot, snapshot that those problems? We should be from those aspects that we improve website weight the website snapshot is updated every day? The author himself in the website optimization process about the snapshot several reasons and solving methods and skills to share with everyone. Well, let’s continue short gossip in today’s theme. I will cause snapshot roughly sum up a few points, and then analyzed one by one.

second, the content of the website quality. Website content quality not only affect our website weight and performance in the search engine, is also one of the factors that affect our website snapshot, the website content quality under the site, Shanghai will be the first love in the collection of the anomalies, in particular has not included or included the amount of growth has shrunk sharply, further performance is the site right down, followed a series of problems not updated snapshot snapshot and etc.. Encountered such a situation, a positive attitude, adjust their website quality, can be appropriate to reduce the number of updates, but the contents of the article must not try to update the website crudely made, high quality original content. Step by step with fresh high quality content to attract spiders, gradually improve our website weight in love Shanghai, do we insist on doing, a snapshot of the site and the weight will slowly raise up.

third, website link to external influence. First of all, including the external links of low quality, such as a large number of BBS signature, blog etc.. The low quality of the outreach reached a certain degree of time will greatly reduce the weight of the web site in the search engine, is disappearing down the right site and keyword ranking the most direct impact, the snapshot regression nature is self-evident, secondly, the website links to a snapshot of the impact should not be underestimated, the most common is the friendship the connection site is down right or be in love with.

server, factors. This is a snapshot of non technical factors, but the impact for the website snapshot is one of very important factors, because the server factors will be the direct result of our website access failure, thus affecting the user experience, greatly increasing the bounce rate of website, if at this time to visit our website will undoubtedly spider directly to the negative effects of very large on our website in search engine’s performance. So, the author suggests that the correction of the time appear on the website snapshot, we for the first time to observe the web log, view the log to see whether the code returns 404 and related code, if these error codes, we show that certain website appeared no access to state in a certain period of time, in this case we don’t have to worry first to ensure the normal access to the site, and then continue to do what we do for love and love the Shanghai spider once again visit Shanghai next update can solve a problem.

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