Meditation of user experience is the site of the road win

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third user browsing depth is not high

Our website

site traffic is not high, it is very likely to be our promotion is not big enough, or our website ranking is not very good, but for the main keywords ranking. If the front has ten love Shanghai, even if it is a natural ranking, also do not bring too much traffic. So, we need to do is only.


second user viscosity is not high

you can see from the above diagram, the website can have keywords to flow is not too high, and the site traffic sources is not through a large number of long tail words transformed, is only a small amount of long tail keywords bring traffic, but there are some traffic flow is the main keywords bring. I think this is the website user experience problems.


To solve a problem:

on the map of the site is from the direct input web site. The other is the article page, or two level domain name and website page page two website to traffic is very small. I think there is such a result may be that great website promotion way out of the problem.

website traffic is not high

website is a problem, first thought in our heart is to solve the problem, but I think a long time also want some solutions to these problems, here to share with you:

fourth web site traffic is too single

The first

user browsing depth depends on the residence time on the site, such as the above phenomenon appears, because after the user enters a website without browsing deeper, just browse the page will really take off the site, or perhaps the anchor text site click through the forum or submission, do not own the desired result will directly out, and this is not determined by the target user. I think this may be the experience of web page problems.

Most of the traffic entrance display The

recently, there have been some problems, I sit down to do some analysis of the data on the site, we found the website user experience do not perfect, because the user experience is not good, the site also appeared in the following aspects:


actually I don’t have to say, we have been very clear. The first and second interviews data gap is too big, a user may not browse after second times. And most users may only browse the home did not come again. I think this is the user sticky problems.


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