Novice how to quickly master the knowledge of Shanghai Dragon

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2 has a good mind, [], just contact, what is fresh, to chat and go to blog, feel Shanghai dragon is actually such thing. My heart began to think so frivolous impetuous, simple good do wow · · blind positioning station, no goal, no cause website ranking, not heavy, even by the K, suddenly fell to the bottom. This time to adjust their mentality, the courage to face the pressure of competition, willing to make efforts, adhere to learning thought knowledge. Each carefully handled the case, the accumulation of practical experience; down-to-earth, striving to improve.

With the popularity of Shanghai dragon

1, [[] a position for himself. (how much heart, the stage is as big) heart again, would not, nor to the big stage in the audience applause. If your position is a director of Shanghai dragon, then you have to have the ability of thinking and director of Shanghai dragon, whether it is a rookie or veteran is out of step by step.

I am also a person, a lot of Shanghai Phoenix are step by step, not the more the better, but not to look at the data ranking, more Shanghai dragon needs a process, need a long-term process of accumulation, so your ranking can be stable, can truly achieve the effect of Shanghai dragon.

, more and more people are exposed to the name of Shanghai dragon. However, the application is all sorts of strange things. When the novice new Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon feel very simple, very easy, is the hair of the chain, do content, in fact, Shanghai, involved in a wide range, such as: the station optimization (including code pruning, layout, tag label application) station optimization (including the construction of the chain, keyword correlation the choice of domain name, etc.) are to have a good grasp of knowledge, so as to make better use of the Shanghai dragon ranking weight to sit, but not for ranking quick mengfa, when understand the basic situation of Shanghai Longfeng involved, in fact for simple keyword rankings do many novice can operate, but in the process of also there will be a lot of problems:

2, outside the chain of resources, some spam or forum signature;

3, to establish their own connections [] Shanghai Longfeng circle has many heavyweights level, you have to do is keep from.

4, the chain construction is not in place, between tag and navigation related articles tilisoft etc..

3, the construction of the chain, not step by step, can not achieve the quality and quantity of good, much less today tomorrow;

5, the mentality of the problem, see the rankings is a ranking of wood happy, anxious to get angry.

1, keyword selection is not in place, the higher the degree of competition, the higher difficulty of optimization;

first recommended for novice to solve their own problems, how to perfect complete old rookie transformation, have to say a few points:

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