Novice Webmaster how to improve the site weight of love Shanghai

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Without the importance of the

1 love Shanghai Scindapsus aureus algorithm 2.0

on persistence, not three days fishing nets two days of drying, adhere to the content is king, only insist to make your site powerful, if you love Shanghai every day to climb can feel the fresh blood into, you do not love, how can the snapshot is not up, the same readers love, flow in the holidays, the webmaster don’t forget to update the website, you should know that love can not leave Shanghai reptile. And do regular updates, find your site crawl time, a long time, the search will naturally give score.

4 garbage chain

The so-called green


this is the author’s personal experience, lessons are painful, and we used to share, I in a network company once boss for revision of the website greatly, but also in one step, the results we work overtime to complete revision, not long, the site of PR from 5 to 1. Shanghai love weight from 6 to 0, not to mention the snapshot. It is a bad, keyword ranking from the original page directly dropped hundreds of meters away, Links is no one is willing to exchange, this change can be said to be the most dangerous and undesirable, so the website must be careful, do not easily change.

A5 station network is actually a very good example, the content is almost seconds, in addition to the original content of the site every day to keep 70-80%, every day insisted, the weekend is no exception, so the user experience is very good, love Shanghai will give good ranking.

chain to the website I said, many owners have a misunderstanding, that is on the chain for the emperor, but also not all day with the hair of the chain, some change is not related to the weight of the low Links, some novice webmaster too quick.

site often large-scale revision

is a kind of air purification plants, your site is pure as can be imagined, whether spam, too many ads, love Shanghai plans to purify Scindapsus aureus, your site is too much collection, the original content is too small, if you collect 500 articles a day to fill the contents of your own website, might as well the original 5 articles brought to the site effect is obvious, the reader does not love things, think is junk love Shanghai is not love, but not to increase the original, some valuable content to users.

The lack of original content

you struggle webmaster ever worried, no matter how hard, you do not always love Shanghai, your website is love Shanghai limbo? Do Shanghai dragon Comrades all know, no matter how high is PR, but the weight is always not to love the sea, the search did not flow over that must be a worried problems, following the author we summarize several reasons of low weight may lead to love Shanghai, see you have not caught.

2 websiteAll

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