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Links greatly influence the snapshot, as you all know, I in the snapshot slow, when a chain exchange with others, I would like to change included a lot less, snapshot good, and not quite, but so few people willing to change, brought to the site effect will be minimal. I bought a 1,2 snapshot of high quality, good friend chain to drive the website snapshot, the effect is very good, just need some money every month, but to give the benefits of the website, not worth mentioning. Buy 2, 3 Shanghai, love can not be found, not right down, many good friends of the chain will be a tragedy, one is enough, my friend’s Web site, and included the chain is very few, but there is a 5 of the weight of the website to bring him a snapshot, never dropped, so here to remind you can not be too much.

snapshot good site, happy and carefree, snapshot rotten website, very awful, I believe many people have this experience. The snapshot depends on the web site, the spider crawling frequency and the friends of the chain is good or bad, I have several websites before snapshot is very slow, the basic will be poor for a week, really helpless, like a lot of ways, can’t enhance the snapshot, increase the chain strength, Jia Dawen chapter update quantity have no what effect, then to exchange Links, let countless people refuse to, it is difficult to guess the exchange to 1,2 and their own website about the same, but what about the site basically no birds, no weight, what the snapshot is of no help, gave spiders and users with a the intersection. Back for a long time in the study of how to improve the snapshot, that there are certain results, now I site snapshot is basically the same day or the next day, now share with you my method:

3, forum signature


forum signature weight so low, why there are so many webmaster doing non-stop, largely because it included, can increase the website exposure, to provide a lot of spider on the mouth, let the spider crawling website frequently, so as to enhance the website collect and snapshot.

2, a chain of

here refers to the submission A5 and CHINAZ soft soft, the other effect is not clear. To tell the truth, I never wrote two soft, this method is learned within one company, then my supervisor is a senior moderator of Shanghai dragon WHY, he has a lot of website, but his website snapshot is basically the same day and the next day, the slowest almost every three days, let me envy you see, his site outside the chain, a lot of A5 soft, and others reproduced soft, I guess will be the method, I has been in the last year to learn to write soft, weekly 1-3, get the effect is amazing, never before snapshot fell to third days, ranking is also very good, very cool. I have formed the habit of writing soft habits, I think this is because of the high reproduced soft brought, the high quality of the chain, the spider can give a good impression, and more on the mouth, so as to enhance the snapshot.

1, soft


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