Shanghai Longfeng standard optimization Website Construction of advanced articles

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3, sub page set up to pay attention to the following:

database is set to explain in detail involves much more knowledge, here is mainly to explain the web page title, keywords and description of the content setting. Provide 2 sets of ideas here:

2) page within the same level of the page links. For example, product display page and the article page is a list of the same level, product details and the details are at the same level, so there can be linked to the product display page links in the list page, the details page should have a similar article links and product details of the link, and vice versa. The purpose of doing this is to make the website internal link flow;

database settingsThe code optimization

3) can be set to the page title, keywords and description ".

2, home plate. On the web page layout module and highlight each have different styles, but the Shanghai dragon optimization site be sure to adhere to the three point:

4) side navigation settings can also make the chain more smooth, the keyword layout is also an option;


two and

5) joined the RSS subscription module;

(1) home key prominent frequency of not less than 5 times);

1, using CSS.

1) the page title, keywords, description attributes as products or articles, and product details or articles written in different details of the same data in the field.

1, Shanghai dragon Optimization Website Navigation bar. Navigation is the most important in the whole web pages, search engines give navigation content is very high "weight", so that adding appropriate keywords link optimization Website navigation bar (for example in the navigation "products" to do a drop-down menu list containing the keyword link products).

6) make full use of search a tab. Build a tab, the content for all station key link, link to the search results page.

2) the establishment of specialized titles and keywords data table for unified management, each page through the transfer of the relevant data ID.

, a website module

2) home page should be conducive to the update of the plate (such as news and information);

1) with the page title, keywords and description of the web page set;

3) the "current position" is essential, it is the best way to reflect the website level, but also the friendly interface performance;

after a standard "Shanghai dragon Optimization Website construction preparatory work", this paper advanced articles, is the standard of Shanghai dragon core text type website optimization, we get to the point.

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