Set up a broad stage for young entrepreneurs to improve the service system

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has a good entrepreneurial platform, is the first step in the success of entrepreneurship, good business services, but also to ensure the quality of entrepreneurship. In recent years, with the help of policy, more and more people realize the dream of becoming rich!



provide “double” platform. 2015 has created a “Zhangshu City College of vegetable industry incubation base”, “Zhangshu City pharmaceutical industry incubation base”, “cloud health e-commerce business incubator” three county-level incubators, entrepreneurial innovation platform construction. Advocate Baotuan development, founder of cooperatives, the formation of one village one product features.




“double” to provide funds. Set up entrepreneurial guidance room to provide project recommendations, entrepreneurial guidance, financial support and other services. The city issued a total small loans to 182 million 930 thousand yuan, which support the personal business loans 91 million 330 thousand yuan, labor-intensive small business loans 91 million 600 thousand yuan for entrepreneurial innovation funds. Give young entrepreneurs special bank loans to support the project, give full play to the small loan guarantee policy in promoting the scale of entrepreneurial work.

2016 started the business or business, now is the time, people with business needs, can first understand the preferential policies for entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial venture to help, not to be missed!



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