Must join the business

March 15, 2017 | |Post a Comment

join a project is a very worth thinking about one thing for people we just start speaking, because this one decision will determine the direction of our future, do not confused join a project is very important, of course there are some necessary.

for independent entrepreneurs, will choose some low risk and high profit business, it should be said that risk and return are relatively stable path to open stores. Franchise mature business model, a good market reputation and a unified channel of purchase, allowing entrepreneurs to minimize operational risks.

Third, the signing of the contract, the main issues of concern, such as intellectual property, proprietary technology and other key issues must be written very clearly, if there is ambiguity, you must let them explain. At the same time, on how to distribute the interests, whether to allow the franchisee to delegate, if sued by others, the key problems in the future who will bear the responsibility, also should be clear before signing the contract. Otherwise, once a dispute, the franchisee will be in a passive position.

Fourth, if there is a dispute between the franchisee and the company, how to solve by an institution or arbitration, mediation or litigation, should be made clear in the contract.

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