Master certain knowledge with the boss

March 15, 2017 | |Post a Comment

in our life, for business with a small capital entrepreneurs, our choice of business engaged in the catering industry, which has a large market space for development project selection. Of course, choose to do the restaurant owner, we also need to understand some knowledge. Next, let us look at how we can easily do the boss:

1. perfect professional cooking technology, a place in the competitive market

2. learn good communication skills, make customers become friends, reduce rework rate, improve the rate of

3. effective word of mouth shop sales, increase technical performance and product performance

4. effective Restaurant Restaurant planning program, understand the principles of the activities of the planning and selling points

5. standardized catering hotel management, to build corporate culture

6. professional restaurant data table analysis, quantification, precision, standardized management

7. to create excellent restaurants, restaurants and restaurants are not successful individuals, only successful team

8. effective development of new customers, customers are the lifeblood of the restaurant

9. effectively retain old customers, and let the old guests with new guests

10. establishment of the system of restaurant management mechanism

11. to establish a perfect restaurant hotel training system, talent is free, he will create value

12. formal catering hotel service process to improve the quality of restaurant

13. to enhance the influence of the restaurant, the use of a simple and low-cost way to expand the

14. training right-hand man, to create an excellent team

15. catering hotel cost accounting, increased profits

16. to establish the system of restaurant service system

17. system of personnel management system, how many people follow you on behalf of you and how much career

18. detailed restaurant customer management system, the customer is the resource

19. restaurant chain store business model, ideas determine the way out

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