Rural entrepreneurship spring will blow through the earth of Huizhou

March 15, 2017 | |Post a Comment

30 years ago, the spring breeze of the reform of the land of China, the Chinese economy has brought an unprecedented opportunity to take off. Now, another spring will come to Anhui, which is driven by entrepreneurship in rural employment spring action".

The theme of this event is

"spring action" period, through the focus on employment service activities, so that the transfer of jobs to rural workers especially the rural poor policy consulting, effective job information, occupation guidance and occupation, have skills desire to get free skills training, entrepreneurial aspirations are entrepreneurship training, entrepreneurship services and the corresponding policy support, get a convenient and effective employment service needs of enterprises and units of all kinds of useful.

, to provide accurate service, poverty alleviation activities will play Township workstation work team in the village and village poverty alleviation poverty alleviation Zhuangan, accurately grasp the basic situation of rural laborers especially poor rural participatory employment intention and employment service demand. In order to expand regional cooperation, deepen the service of our province in the Wanjiang Wanbei information docking cooperation at the same time, gradually expanded to the Dabie Mountain area, in the province carried out docking services to multi-level and multi form.

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