To protect the environment by everyone in Fujian afforestation in action

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in our life a lot of the city although the economy has developed to a certain extent, but serious environmental pollution is also worrying, in order to protect the health of people and adhere to the green road of sustainable development, actively carry out strong regulation is essential to the environment. Reporters from the provincial forestry department was informed that the first three quarters of this year, the province completed afforestation of 1 million 102 thousand acres, accounting for the total task of 110.2%. Prior to the second quarter, the province has exceeded this year’s afforestation task.

the coastal backbone forest, biological fire belt, forest ecological landscape and key ecological location "three with a zone of 511 thousand acres of reforestation, accounted for 102.2% of the mission; other afforestation 591 thousand acres, accounted for 118.2% of the mission. In the completion of the provincial Party committee and government projects for the tangible things of the coastal trunk shelterbelt construction of 502 thousand and 600 mu, accounted for 100.5% of the mission, including the new 30 thousand and 700 acres, 171 thousand and 300 acres of forest restoration, afforestation 300 thousand and 600 acres.

protection of the environment depends on everyone, Fujian afforestation in action, and actively build a more green and healthy home for the sustainable development of urban economy is also very favorable. The Fujian afforestation forest tending completed 5 million 399 thousand acres, accounted for 180% of the mission; afforestation 1 million 542 thousand acres, accounted for 77.1% of the mission. 2015-2016 years to complete the construction of the national reserve forest base 57 thousand acres, accounting for the task of 93.4%. The sufficient supply of new afforestation seedling production, 191 million seedlings, which were 134 million seedlings, 57 million container seedlings. Improved seed base construction, the new base 1447 acres, accounting for the annual plan of 72.4%.

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