McDonald’s active exploration of the mobile nternet Era

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with fast food brands continue to gush, how old brands in the fierce competition in today’s firm foothold? As we all know, McDonald’s is the world’s largest multinational chain fast food companies, which has more than 3 fast-food restaurants, located in the world’s 121 countries and regions. The rise of the Internet, McDonald’s to actively expand the online business, in the light of its general trend, the fast-food giant O2O road is?

PC Internet era beneficial attempt


and online meal ordering

2011 in November, McDonald’s Chinese restaurant in the 7 city (Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Tianjin, Foshan, Dongguan) is the online meal ordering service, the service all day long 24 hours, and at the same time, launched a 7 day booking reservations, consumers can track orders online, delivery time in 30 minutes. Delivery service is no minimum consumption, but every single delivery fees are higher than the domestic similar takeaway platform. "McDonald’s drive thru" (Drive Thru) is a McDonald’s restaurant car alias, a new fast food service mode, the earliest can be traced back to 1971, the main appeal is "fast", that is to let consumers through the three window to complete the shopping process in automobile: consumers to drive the car in the first window of meal, the second window to pay, take things at the third window, then drove away. As of the end of 2013, McDonald’s fast car restaurant has opened more than and 230 stores in China’s large and medium cities in 50. Consumers can view the distribution of the city on the Internet, if the distance can be arranged to buy the nearest route of breakfast. In September 2013, McDonald’s in the United States of Utah, Salt Lake City and Texas Austen tested a mobile ordering application, this application can help the customers to complete the ordering and payment services in the mobile phone, can be removed after the speed window or store their food in McDonald’s have a reservation.

2011 McDonald’s and Sina micro-blog launched a series of micro-blog marketing activities, with the theme of the 2011 happy cylinder. In January 2011, McDonald’s and Sina micro-blog jointly launched From activities, micro-blog users by sending to "lick the cylinder to see the world" as the topic of the "happy" micro-blog, you can get mobile phone text messages, McDonald’s McDonald’s stores to receive cylinder code, free of charge for a cylinder. Activities carried out 4 weeks time, the number of participants up to 150 thousand. 2012 "3· 15 party" McDonald’s, Carrefour chain brand by CCTV exposure, McDonald’s official micro-blog responded to the first time in the evening after the broadcast, micro-blog issued 2 hours including Sina Finance in >

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