The boss required to double the performance of marketing discount

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for consumers, the most able to attract people to buy is the discount. There is a jeweler boss, the store opened in the tourist attractions, his jewelry business has been bad, it is difficult to sell. When he was upset, he was ready to go on a trip, so he left a note to the clerk. Write: all discount 1/2 sales.

soldier born to digital, the price of interest, and then spent some time on the pricing of the fun.

the original price and discount price secret

How often do you see

"window expires, the audience 1-5 fold discount promotion information? And then you hear the sound of their loudspeakers shouting: the special offer 1-5! Then legs can not help but go in, how to also bring one or two to go back, but also to tell the side of the friends, there is a shop in the discount, selling very cheap.

if you have had this experience, so I tell you, you are the marketing. Here, I would like to open the original price and discount for you the secret. When customers see the original price of 1888 yuan clothes, you will think, good expensive ah. When a customer to hear this dress because of the facade transfer, a discount, only 80 percent off, you figured, need only about 378 yuan. At this time the customer began to impulse.

original products on behalf of the value of

when the first time customers in the brain to hear a commodity price (1888 yuan), you will unconsciously accept the price of goods. Only he really to buy, will be to distinguish whether it is worth the price.

discount represents the actual sales price of

The original

the businessman just like the clothes sold 378 yuan, but the direct selling 378 yuan, customer cognition this commodity is only worth 378 yuan, when he wanted to buy, but also to bargain.

by the original price of 1888 yuan, a 378 yuan discount, the power consumption of customers is very strong at this time. The power of the customer’s inner consumption is: value (original price) is far greater than the price. In other words, customers feel the value of your products, they are the strongest consumer power.

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