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talk is not a simple upper and lower lips a touch on it, if you want to let the words to be recognized by customers, you need to learn to speak. The first couple laid off, opened a supermarket in the county. The ODA was good, sweet mouth, small supermarket business was booming, bonanza. Whether it is the old uncle aunt, or young beautiful fashion, rather long is also willing to ODA to supermarket shopping. See the hot scene own supermarket, ODA said: will not speak, it’s really great learning.

don’t say negative tone

ODA told me just when the supermarket opened, they have no experience. A customer to ask a certain commodity, she will answer truthfully "no", so that customers will not hear this go away, let little very depressed. One day, no one in the supermarket, ODA is very boring, just turn on the computer Internet, inadvertently browse to the tobacco online website, see from the above article "to one or two egg" article. See later, greatly inspired.

after that, first try to change their tone and manner. Encountered in their own store customers do not want the goods, but also do not have to answer the negative tone, but tactful and clever marketing quality, price of goods. Unexpectedly, this change suddenly let little shop alive. The negative answer, she says, will make the customer feel rejected and turn away. Positive, tactful answer, so that customers will not feel rejected, instead, there is a feeling of being valued. Next, the customer will go down the slope to see the goods you recommend.

will say praise

for customers in the supermarket, ODA will give praise and praise from different angles. Customers to choose goods, she’ll compliment each other pretty high aesthetic taste, the customer, ODA will say you good temperament. On the age of the grandchildren to the supermarket took uncle aunt, she will admire the child, then he gave the child a lollipop or a piece of chocolate. For the familiar female customers praise she will send "slim" or "more and more beautiful.". A sentence of praise let customers uncomfortable, then take the initiative to introduce customers to goods, is generally not refuse.

said more about the words of thanks

in the business, their ODA found the supermarket shopping, the elderly accounted for fifty percent, accounting for thirty percent of the middle-aged, young people accounted for twenty percent. To this end, ODA and look for customers, especially in cold weather to elderly customers, remind them to wear more clothes, you’ll catch cold. If you encounter cold customers, she tells them to drink plenty of water, rest, and even provide some small folk prescription.

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