What is the way to save a loss even SA month shop

March 15, 2017 | |Post a Comment

poor management, management not transfer may lead to the closure of the situation, there is such a, let’s take a look at, what is the way to save a family even the loss of the SA store, I hope you can help.

a hope to create the first brand of Hubei cuisine Hubei cuisine, the tall figure, in the restaurant together delicacy street, confidently opened.

however, the days count, 3 months down, but the recession. The streets are crowded and in Liao Liao Wuji, some people stop and visit in the doorway, and hesitated to leave, the trial operation results, even the cost to live, sometimes one day only a few hundred yuan turnover. A few months rent out, a few year lease settled, it is a day for a day? What should I do?

is located in Zhengzhou city on Xian agricultural road in Hubei restaurant, I encountered such embarrassing.

A, change the door, let consumers know what you are doing

on the Yin in the boss to do the decoration is in front of Zhao, indoor and outdoor decoration is a feeling, she is the place named Xian Ju, also hope to gather some high-end people.

The first is

was Yin in the door, but the upper half is empty, only the top, a black greenwords "Xian Ju", also used to recognize the edge frame, a few words, really want to look carefully.

on the Yin in the decoration is very stylish, simple and elegant facade, the whole atmosphere like a full of "leisure" exotic chess room, of course, the interior decoration style is also appropriate, elegant atmosphere, exquisite and elegant. Especially at the entrance of the well, or quite a bit emotional.

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