Spanish guy Chongqing venture selling sanitary napkins

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now is whether some people or some foreigners have more positive entrepreneurial ideas, at the same time in the whole business on the road, we also have a similar experience, then, to say this is actually a very wonderful entrepreneur.

"I didn’t know what is the meaning of" big aunt ", it is important to understand this for my business." 1.83 meters tall, thin face in front of the Chongqing evening news reporter, the 27 year old handsome guy, but a face seriously about the "big aunt".

to find partners and projects

"Spanish education is cultivating excellent employees, and I want to be a boss." Compared to the Chinese impression in generous and enthusiastic Westerners, Martin a bit old, came to Chongqing on a business purpose.

a partner, determine the entrepreneurial project is also a problem. Prior to this, Martin had a Spanish red wine, but soon the market was full of France, Chile, Australia wine flooded. In that period of confusion, often with Chinese friends asked him to take the Spanish sanitary napkins. "I want to bring more and more people, I found that this is a business opportunity." Martin said, probably because the Chinese people are not easy to open, the demand for sanitary napkins imported by many people ignored it; it is a commodity, the market is large enough, very suitable for the project as a start-up.

will introduce the culture of Spain

"Europeans have separate work and personal lives, business recommendation

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