What are the conditions for the rose garden barbecue

March 15, 2017 | |Post a Comment

today Xiaobian to recommend a very good barbecue to join the project — the rose garden barbecue buffet, this is a Chinese originated in Datang, the rise in the Korea palace, the name of the Korean national flower, authentic Korean barbecue, barbecue buffet is not the rose garden, the rose garden of the house?

Rose Garden buffet barbecue brand? What conditions need to meet?

has a long history of ancient China and South Korea to law for the soul, the integration of the most authentic origin ingredients, after promotion of contemporary high-tech patented technology innovation, production process very standardized, to ensure consistent authentic taste of Rose Garden barbecue buffet.

Rose Garden barbecue buffet restaurant attaches great importance to the atmosphere, relaxed and simple style of decoration, elegant fashion, let the busy urban people which have the unique Korean style, in the enjoyment of nature.

Rose Garden buffet barbecue conditions:

1, with independent legal personality or strong economic strength of natural persons;

2, with good sense of cooperation, good business reputation;

3, able to devote himself to the rose garden buffet barbecue business, and have a certain degree of market sensitivity;

4, with a rose garden into the self-help barbecue industry self-confidence;

5, independent investment rose garden barbecue all costs, and can bear certain operational risks.

happy consumption concept, of course, can eat a good mood, go to Korea to taste authentic barbecue? Now you don’t have to fly to Korea, you can taste the most authentic Korean barbecue! Rose Garden buffet barbecue restaurant, urban natural ecological cuisine, so that each into the store customers have a good mood!

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