Zhang Jindong, chairman of Suning wealth legend

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although the cold stock market so that all investors hung up, but for Suning Appliance (  54.60,1.50,2.82%) chairman Zhang Jindong, but God will idle. Since July 21, 2004, since Suning Appliance shares listed, only after a short period of 9 months, Suning Appliance from the time of the 32.70 yuan price has soared to 70.25 yuan, the ex dividend in stock dividend after three and equity, stock price to 26 yuan more steps. This means that holding 106 million 980 thousand shares of Suning Appliance Zhang Jindong’s personal wealth market capitalization has reached as high as $2 billion 800 million.

Jindong 15 years of wealth in history, always cannot do without a "fast". In 1984, Zhang Jindong out of the Nanjing Normal University’s school, into a drum tower in Nanjing belonged to the company. The last century at the end of 80s and early 90s, China a sea trend. Young Zhang Jindong is eager at this time. Zhang Jindong use of the work of a number of contracted air conditioning installation works for their own business to save up to 100 thousand yuan of capital. At that time the most popular and most profitable commodity is household appliances, color TV, refrigerators, washing machines, etc.. But Zhang Jindong did not join the fun, after a few days of calm thinking, he made a surprise to many people around the choice: franchise also belongs to luxury air-conditioning. In December 1990, 27 year old Zhang Jindong, with the "fearless" momentum resigned from the fixed work, far away from downtown Nanjing in Ninghai on the road under the rent area less than 200 square meters of a small window, set up a franchise of air conditioning wholesale small company, Suning Electric home to start a business, personal history and Suning appliance. Who would have thought, after ten years, from the humble "small window" was pulled out a handful of China home appliance chain industry "carrier", Suning Appliance, and its leader Zhang Jindong become a "Chinese chain influential man".

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