Wujiang agricultural firm PO approval but last year’s earnings is not ideal.

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with the rapid development of economy, our bank has also undergone a series of changes, is no longer the monopoly of the state’s four major banks, each region has also been a regional local banks. A shares of listed banks to eighth, on Friday, the Commission approved a routine application, including Wujiang agricultural firms, including the first application of the 14 companies. According to the previous prospectus, Wujiang agricultural firm will issue 111 million 500 thousand shares. However, with reference to the previous issue, the actual size of the bank approved the issue will reduce the probability.

it is worth noting that the removal of city commercial banks, agricultural firms this year also ushered in the "spring" in the month of September this year, Neijiang Yin agricultural firms, Wuxi rural commercial and agricultural firms Changshu three agricultural firms has completed the A shares in the first, the end of A shares without the bank’s history, and the city agricultural businesses are concentrated in Jiangsu. But for the agricultural firm’s group listing, the market also pointed out the need for some of their common risks to prepare.

in fact, these regional agricultural firms to the vast majority of customers are the pillar industry of the region, and Jiangsu area private manufacturing agricultural firm’s main client is a highly competitive local industry, these industries are affected by the economic environment is more obvious.

in addition, for now, the number of local agricultural firms in Jiangsu are almost always faced with the risk of non-performing loans, loan losses are insufficient to prepare. From the Wujiang agricultural firm, although the IPO documents in hand, but at the end of last year’s earnings is not ideal.

although the advent of local banks, but must be in operation time, adopt proper strategy to promote the development of enterprises. Reported that Wujiang agricultural firms last year net profit of just over 600 million yuan, down by 21.27%. While the decline in net profit at the same time, the bank NPL ratio is rising, Wujiang agricultural firms last year, the NPL ratio reached 1.86%. In the business structure, Wujiang rural commercial bank is also showing characteristics of a single structure, dependent on the deposit rate. The bank last year, net interest income accounted for up to 94.48%.

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