After 80 employees turn millions of years to make farmers become

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farm can also earn a lot of money, the traditional field crops, and by the hand of Liu Shengjin, to replace all the crops planting greenhouse crop economy. And the construction of a happy farm, in one fell swoop won a huge profit.

"when working for others, a day’s wages to 50 yuan." It has continued for ten years time, with the renovation of the market boom, more and more people do this, competition is more and more big, Liu Shengjin in this technology development has encountered a bottleneck, he thought of a switch.

What do

money "students" was looked down upon, after returning from a number of enterprises paid him

become "farmers", is not easy. Liu Shengjin said, at that time he had no experience and no technology, after a variety of research and planning, he intends to go abroad to learn the most advanced technology. Go out to learn technology requires a few million, ten years of their own work, but also failed to save enough money." Liu Shengjin memories, when their children were more than two years old, the family also need to take care of the elderly, we all feel that he was on impulse.

2010 years, Liu Shengjin finally returned with learning the planting technology. Not long after coming back, there are companies hired me to do technical guidance in the past, but also more than one enterprise, monthly salary ranging from four thousand or five thousand to eight thousand." Although the heart, but the thought of "farm dream", Liu Shengjin eventually decided to farm home, relatives said he was stupid.

built "happy farm", make millions of years, aimed at the Japanese market


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