Soros short China Soros comeback want to short China

March 17, 2017 | |Post a Comment

There is a saying in

Wall Street, "no one can predict Soros’s next goal". Qiazhiyisuan, who in the world of Vanity Fair "Fanshou for clouds, rain cover for the hand" financial predators is 86 years old this year, but even if the passage of time did not stop him again on the global financial standing in the teeth of the storm.

this sensitive time, has announced a permanent retirement of Uncle Soros in the Swiss town of Davos released "century rhetoric": he in shorting stocks at the same time, also in short Asian currencies, he said China economy is facing a hard landing, basically can not be avoided. Does the Chinese economy really have a hard landing like Soros’s analysis? If Soros is short of China, will his "plot" succeed?

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