The street was threatened to hang a Dagger Knife pornography

March 19, 2017 | |Post a Comment

The problem of compensation for

demolition compensation has been a common social problem in our country, which has not been solved effectively. Recently, a net posts broke the door was a terrorist threat, the police have been involved in the investigation of the matter.

this January 13th morning, law late reporter contacted posted Ms. huang. She told reporters that in 2013, he lived for decades facing the demolition of the village, but because of dissatisfaction with the relocation compensation policy, she has not agreed to demolition.

2014 in the morning of March 21st, she sent her children to school after returning home, found in front of their own, put a file bag, then she picked up the bag and found a bag filled with a dagger, and a letter titled "solemn declaration" of the letters. Let her feel angry that this threatening letter, the use of a large number of pornographic and insulting language, he has married a daughter and son, abuse and humiliation, and threatened to intimidate the contents of the letter to expand". In the evening, Ms. Wong reported to the local public security organs.

1 13, Tangyin County Han Zhuang police station is responsible for handling the matter after the incident, police investigators said, Huang Jian

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