How to open a coffee shop location

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how to open a coffee shop location? Many franchisees are more interested in this issue. Choose a good lot, will occupy a lot of business advantages, which we are very clear. So how to find a suitable location? If you want to know more, you can take a look.

how to do lots of evaluation

A, regional characteristics:

to select the same type of regional coffee shop as a reference, a detailed study of their business development model, to a certain extent because these patterns are the same or similar.

(5) Street types. Street type determines the ability to attract consumers to come and stay. For example, in a narrow shopping street, shopping malls and other large shopping centers in the middle of the street, pedestrians through the street ends of the purpose is mostly to the central shopping. In this way, a large number of residence time and consumer demand will be concentrated in the middle, and both ends of the coffee shop can only look at the waves of people by chance.

two, not to open a coffee shop where:

1. not to open a coffee shop in the residential area is sparsely populated, if the resident population of the region of the coffee shop, and the floating population is not much, lack of popularity, it is difficult to form a relatively stable consumer recommended

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