mportance of de to business representatives

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business representatives are doing a very specific work, so the general is also very pragmatic, look at this topic, it may be said, "Germany" what is the use? Can you bring me some money? I am more interested in the wealthy to be a representative subject in hurry, so your skin I see Maizui, much to our company, this type of training.

first, you don’t understand why as a sales representative? In your future life long, this a representative experience, can experience what valuable things for you?

the reality is true, many business representatives not to do business representatives to join the ranks, many of which are in the talent market, by collecting, an inattentive as business representatives.

so, this word I type to two, first as a business representative: can you experience in this life, what valuable things; second: "what is virtue"? What benefits can be brought to you?

"de" is on the left of the left foot (chì), meaning refers to the behavior, action, popular to say that the meaning of doing things.

"de" right "straight", "straight" in Oracle is "eyes" topped with a vertical, what does that mean? It represents the inner objective law of the outside world, which is also called "Tao" in ancient times.

so why below and add a "heart"?

to discover the intrinsic laws exist in nature in the world, with the naked eye can not see, need to use the "heart" to insight, so our fathers in the "de" in the "heart" of

from the above analysis of "morality", we can clearly know the Chinese sages made "de" purpose.

"de" collectively refers to a certain type of human behavior, that is what kind of behavior?

is to find the inherent law of things, and to follow the inherent law of things behavior, collectively referred to as "Virtue".

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