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March 19, 2017 | |Post a Comment

be able to get other people’s advice, you can avoid detours in the entrepreneurial process. A successful entrepreneur, before deciding to enter the industry, often make a series of mistakes. To give up or stick to the hard times? For many people, it’s important to get advice from someone who has the same experience and the ultimate success.

NewsCred · Shafukate; Islam (Shafqat  Islam): if you are not often told "no", you are not trying to explain.

"I think for the Create Company is the people, this is a good suggestion, you hear so many" no ", I think this is normal, this is a good thing, because you want to try to do some of the things they are subversive, groundbreaking, there is opposition."


  "I slowly realized that finding the key is the most important." Dane · (Dane  Atkinson) said. It’s necessary to say "no" to great ideas in order to get a brilliant idea that really suits you. In every step of the way, you have to open up a way to. As a  , an entrepreneur, it’s hard to say no, because you don’t really have faith in where you want to go.

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