To carry out a comprehensive investigation of the disabled people with disabilities dynamic – North

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carry out the investigation to fully grasp the disabled CDPF dynamic
– north area to carry out the basic situation of the investigation work

in order to further promote the construction of disabled social security system and service system, the full implementation of the provincial government on disability policy measures to grasp the needs of rehabilitation, education, employment, to fully grasp the dynamic and accelerate the healthy development of the disabled, disabled north area, according to the provincial, city CDPF, recently, Chengbei District federations to carry out the basic situation of the disabled thorough investigation work.

This investigation relates to

standards in line with the national disabled assessment I within the jurisdiction of the household population and the resident population of the disabled and disabled people suspected, including vision, hearing and speech, physical, intellectual, spiritual, and other types of multiple disabled persons. Through thorough investigation, the basic situation of the disabled, disability, social security, education, employment, production and living, housing conditions, rehabilitation needs, such as a comprehensive understanding of the situation. During the investigation, towns, streets and communities, the village FIMITIC staff in-depth patient disabled family and meticulous investigation on the basic conditions of the disabled and fill in "the basic situation of the disabled in Qinghai Province Survey", the establishment of electronic archives.

through the survey, for the second generation disabled card for 3318 people, including 1976 men and 1342 female; 985 people, account for the rural town of 2333 people; disability categories divided into visual disability 324, hearing disabled 326 people, 18 people, 1889 limbs speech disability, mental disability, mental 360 151 people with disabilities, multiple disabilities 250 people; classified as level 481, level two, level three 677 people to 911 people, four to 1249; the age is divided into 0-6 at the age of 22 people, 98 people, 7-17 years old 18-59 years old 2736 people, 330 people aged 70 60-69 years old, more than 132 people; the level of education is not to go to school 512 people, 805 people, 1428 primary school, junior high school 367 people, 135 people, technical school or college 46 people, undergraduate 25 people.

through the thorough investigation work on the basic situation of our area disabled, so that we fully understand and grasp the situation of persons with disabilities and family rehabilitation, education, employment and other needs, so as to bring convenience for the future to do all the work for the disabled, so that we provide better service for the disabled, to promote the healthy development of the cause of the disabled in our region.


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