City Health Bureau invited experts feel the pulse of Xining pharmaceutical sector of national health

March 20, 2017 | |Post a Comment

to further promote the reform of public hospitals in our city, continue to improve the quality of medical care, master of modern hospital management, to promote the hospital first-class standards, enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of the hospital. In June 16th 17, the Municipal Health Bureau invited Chinese Hospital Association of medical quality management committee, Professor Liu Zhenhua member of the Standing Committee Deputy Secretary General Chinese, long Hospital Association Evaluation Professor director Wang Jishan and China Pharmaceutical Group, Chinese medicine Cmi Holdings Ltd strategic planning department vice Minister Chong Hua Ning Lilai teaching. City, District, county health administrative departments of the main person in charge, the city’s 34 Public and private hospital leadership team members, functional departments responsible person attended the training of 204. City Health Secretary Liu Haonian attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech. Deputy director of the Bureau of firewood.  

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