Combined punch hard to stabilize prices in Xining

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security market supply and stabilize prices, since last year, the municipal government make great efforts to take direct sales increase, increase the transport dynamics, strengthen agricultural super docking, cheap store building, free booth fee, government subsidies……" And other measures to ensure a strong price stability, so that people feel the government’s determination and efforts to stabilize prices.

actively organize beef and mutton direct

due to national customs reasons, Qinghai Muslims in "Eid al Fitr" period, will eat a lot of meat, in order to ensure that the Muslim masses "Eid" the public during the beef and mutton relatively low consumption, from August 5, 2013 to 15 (a total of 11 days), take direct government subsidies, the main urban areas and key markets and supermarkets daily delivery of 13120 kg of fresh mutton, 7190 kilograms per kilogram of fresh beef, 4 yuan of government subsidies. At the same time, limiting the wholesale and retail prices of beef and mutton, effectively stabilize the market price of beef and mutton in Xining.

free market meat stalls fee

by four district governments to raise funds, the main market in the area of the country’s 235 pork and beef and mutton operators to waive booth fee, prompting the market pork and beef and mutton prices have dropped. Mobilization Xinyuan, Zhang, Wen Yuan three pig slaughtering wholesale enterprises to reduce the wholesale price of pork, the wholesale price of 20 yuan per kilogram to the main markets of pig retail stalls supply.

government subsidies for eggs, soy products

According to the

before the egg and bean products to rising prices, stabilize prices by the city leading group decided that from September 15, 2013 onwards on the city’s 12 major markets, 76 egg, bean sprouts, bean curd, dried bean curd operators according to their daily sales into government subsidies, the market retail price per Jin price 0.5 yuan of sales. At present, the price of eggs and soy products on the market has dropped significantly compared with the previous period.

built agricultural parity shop

from the beginning of 2013 July, the municipal development and reform and business departments actively carry out the fair price shop construction work, as of now, the city has built 50 discount stores in large supermarkets and discount stores to community residents, distribution of agricultural and sideline products sales price lower than the market average price in peacetime, when the market price fluctuation according to the requirements of government price control task.

increase agricultural super docking efforts

City Bureau of Commerce to ensure that the city’s 10 major supermarkets in the sale of cheap vegetables every day at least 15 kinds of cheap vegetables. At present, the city of Hualian, 100, Hui Hakka, green and other large supermarket stores in 12, there are nearly 20 kinds of cheap vegetables every day, 15% lower than the market price of the retail price for public sale.

strict zero slip control

by the four district government in accordance with the actual situation of their respective markets, and actively raise funds for the area within the jurisdiction of the 12 major markets of the 812 vegetable stalls, a total of 76 eggs, bean stalls;

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