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Wang Xiao chaired an enlarged meeting of the Standing Committee of the municipal Party committee to convey the spirit of the twelve plenary session of the provincial Party committee to learn the spirit of the new situation, new tasks and new challenges

January 12th, party secretary Wang Xiao chaired the Standing Committee of the municipal Party committee meeting of the city’s above Deputy departmental level cadres meeting to convey the spirit of learning to expand, the provincial twelve plenary session of the eleven.

the meeting pointed out that the eleven plenary session of the twelve session of the provincial Party committee is in the "13th Five-Year plan" start of the year, the completion of a comprehensive well-off society into an important meeting held in the decisive stage. Meeting the full implementation of the central economic work conference and the central city work conference, in-depth analysis of the current economic situation, expounded the major problems related to the province’s overall development, and put forward the overall requirements, this year’s economic work policy orientation and important tasks to complete annual objectives and tasks, to promote the work to a new city step, has very important significance.

Wang Xiao, the city’s various departments at all levels should study and implement the spirit of the plenary session of the Provincial Committee as an important political task, recognize the new situation and new tasks and new challenges, combined with the actual implementation of the provincial to find the spirit of the plenary session, with the starting point and focus. First, we must implement the plan. According to the provincial plenary requirements, improve the "13th Five-Year" planning proposals, proceed the general plan for the work plan this year to determine the key tasks, to achieve a good start. Two is to do in real. To focus on the work, especially for steady growth, structural adjustment, promote reform, improve people’s livelihood, and other aspects of the existence of outstanding problems and weak links, filled short board, pay close attention to the implementation. Three is to be implemented. The Standing Committee of municipal Party committee to seriously study and rectification work of city zhouweishuji debriefing commented on the plenary session of the provincial Party committee. Departments at all levels should further study and formulate specific measures for the deployment of the provincial Party Committee decision in Xining, to promote all aspects of work to achieve tangible progress.


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