Xining Municipal Bureau of Commerce and industry summed up the first half of the work arrangements f

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7 month 8 days and 9 days, Xining city Industrial and Commercial Bureau party secretary Comrade Wan Jianying by two days hosted the July meeting director, deputy director of the PUC party members, Tu Deping, Ma Haiyun, Zhou Changhai, Niu Fulu, Lu Shuang, comrade Liu Huizhong attended the meeting, the County Bureau (Branch) and the Council of the offices, industry and Commerce Association, attended the meeting.
for the next step, director Wan Jianying made the following: 1, must put emphasis on food safety supervision on the priority among priorities of work. A food market circulation, the Provincial Bureau Director Chen summed up the "three little" phenomenon. Namely: "three noes" of the food and environmental hygiene of substandard food stalls, food safety and lack of knowledge of farmers; food operators have a health certificate, less frequency and less regulation in some areas and rural food safety knowledge publicity less. The next step, the city’s system to increase supervision of rural food market, increase publicity and education of food industry practitioners, to increase the qualification of supervision and inspection, and resolutely correct and prevent the "three little" phenomenon, to ensure the food safety regulation is not a problem. 2, we must continue to deepen the trademark brand strategy. Brand brand strategy is not only our business sector, but also a high degree of concern of the government. The second half of the year, we should focus on "service 1000 enterprises, cultivate thousands of pieces of trademark" theme activities, increase the cultivation of registered trademark strength, quality and quantity to complete the objectives and tasks of the Provincial Bureau issued. On the other hand, it is necessary to focus on a series of law enforcement actions to carry out the protection of the right to exclusive use of trademarks, crack down on trademark infringement, and effectively safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of registered trademark enterprises and consumers. 3, to strengthen the supervision of agricultural market regulation around important links. In the second half, we should focus on the autumn harvest season, targeted to carry out special rectification of agricultural machinery and accessories market. To continue to guide the operators to fully implement the "purchase of cable card ticket system", "two accounts of a Book of two votes a card system", "unqualified products under the framework of delisting" and other regulatory system, regulate the behavior of agricultural market management. To selling counterfeit agricultural and other illegal activities severely punished, timely investigation of complaints and reports of cases of agricultural commodities, regulate agricultural market order, and earnestly safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of farmers. 4, the law enforcement work should be taken as an important means to establish the authority of law enforcement. In the second half, or to increase the intensity of law enforcement investigators, according to the year;

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