Xining Municipal Bureau of transportation unimpeded action proposal

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citizen friends:

smooth implementation of the project is to ensure that the general public safe and smooth, orderly travel of a major public works. Smooth project need to fully participate in the action of the whole people, traffic, everyone striving to be a messenger of civilization, so as to jointly create a smooth, safe and orderly traffic environment, so that we have more beautiful homes safety and smooth traffic environment. To build a civilized transportation environment, is the responsibility of every citizen should do. To this end, we propose:

1 start from me, from now on, civilization, civilized car, civilized people, and jointly safeguard the safe and smooth, civilized and orderly road traffic environment.

2 the city’s various communities, schools and enterprises and institutions should take positive action to promote road traffic laws and regulations, to maintain traffic order, to ensure the smooth flow of community traffic safety.

3 every citizen should consciously maintain traffic order, abide by the law. Do not cross the road, do not climb, rely on road isolation facilities. Travel must be waiting in line, do not carry inflammable and explosive dangerous goods, do not throw things to the car.

4 drivers should strictly abide by traffic laws and regulations, obey the command of traffic police and CO workers. No red light, not illegal lane change, not Luantingluanfang and scramble for road traffic signs and markings, and pay attention to traffic in traffic lights.

5 street stores, the units in accordance with the "in front of three" requirements, not on the sidewalk and the roadway Lane heap, stallage, illegal building, illegal parking. Consciously abide by traffic safety regulations, maintain good order.

respect for the public friends, smooth construction needs your support, understanding and cooperation, we sincerely appeal: civilized transportation, starting from me! Let us take action, and consciously resist all kinds of traffic violations and uncivilized behavior, to develop good traffic habits, striving to be a model of law-abiding, civilized traveller, and make its due contribution to the construction of civilized and harmonious new Xining.

Xining traffic bureau

Xining evening news


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