Provincial Committee research group to the city district court investigation supervision and stabili

March 21, 2017 | |Post a Comment

July 11th, deputy director of the office of the provincial politics and Law Committee Road asked Pang, deputy secretary of the Municipal Committee Chang Zhenan and other provincial and municipal political stability maintenance steering group arrived at North District court investigation guidance, deputy secretary of the North District Committee Secretary Ma Ruo Ling, deputy secretary Li Xingrong and other leaders accompanied by research.
research work meeting, the steering group visited the court filing hall, cultural corridor and honor room, and listened to the work report of Guhai Hong vice president with multimedia display on the court.
on the meeting, asked the deputy director of our hospital adopts Jinbang multimedia report form the visual to give praise, and pointed out that the grassroots research supervision this intention is to find a good experience, work in the good way, found the highlights, so as to promote the objectives of the work. Asked the deputy director after listening to the report: North Jinbang District Court of outstanding achievements, highlights the work, hope to do all the work.


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