Xining for the public to create never closed the library

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December 31, 2013, Xining 24 hours self-service library in the Central Plaza held a launching ceremony. 24 hours in the Library completed, overcome the limitations of traditional library functions, it is the extension of the library service, let the book came to the reader, so that readers can more easily read, and more effectively promote the development of national reading activities.

started the ceremony ended, Qinghai, Wang Haishan, director of the library of the city of Xining went to the self-service library next to the operating screen, for the public to introduce the basic use of 24 hours self-service library. Many enthusiastic and curious people have come to inquire about this new thing". "How much do you need to pay for this card?" "What procedures do you need?" Mr. Zhang asked the public. "No money! You only need to determine their own identity self-service new card, and then enter your mobile phone number, select the deposit amount of 100 yuan, the, you can wait for a bayonet output card reader, very simple"! Wang curator on the side of the screen while answering the question of the public zhang. "How do you do that?" Uncle Wang asked the king. "You see here, there is a ‘books’, you check it, then your card reader placed the sensor area, then the" book ", the book in this book when the mouth put a book, remember to put only one book at a time, will be able to complete the book. Our library use, is a smart circulation change, for example, you square in the center of the book, but in the west, on the west side of the self-service library can also book". Wang introduced to the public. In addition, director Wang also said that 24 hours self-service library is based on a set of library automation, intelligent and convenient self-service system, through a set of high-tech system, readers can enjoy self borrowing, but also books for fun, convenient service also can realize the reservation service.

is really good! We are now more and more good cultural facilities in Xining, after reading this card reader more convenient." Ms. Jin said the public. Reporters saw a lot of people have put forward their own problems, Wang Guanchang patiently answered one by one, the atmosphere is particularly harmonious!

2014 is the first year of the city to create a national public cultural service system demonstration area, for which our efforts are relatively large. Under the support of relevant departments, and help all the power, let Xining city 24 hours self-service library to provide a more convenient and efficient service to the public, can also let the public sharing of public cultural resources, this is a major event, the cause of the construction of the library in the event". Wang Haishan, director of Xining library, told reporters happily. It is reported that a total investment of 2 million yuan in Xining city library has been built for 24 hours, the central square, summer cultural square, limeng commercial lane, three 24 hours self-service library. Construction and operation of the project, to break the reader to borrow and read books and on the limit of time and space, can be more convenient for readers to borrow, so that every citizen can enjoy the public library reading rights, improve the citizens’ reading enthusiasm, to create a good atmosphere of national reading.


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