Xining City North District People’s Congress website opened operation

March 30, 2017 | |Post a Comment

August 24th, the North City People’s Congress Standing Committee website opened to run, which is the city’s first family standing committee website. The site has a number of columns, such as the work of the NPC’s work, supervision, appointment and removal of the election, motion proposals, the Standing Committee bulletin, memorabilia, and the establishment of the people’s Congress mailbox. Website domain name, people’s Congress mailbox [email protected]
site opened, the new position will open up the publicity system of people’s Congress and the work of the NPC on the Internet, to build a new platform for the North City NPC Standing Committee Propaganda, contact and communication, the new bridge in close contact with the deputies and the people. The District People’s Congress can better understand the feelings of the people, reflecting public opinion, pool their wisdom, democratic and scientific to promote the work of the NPC; further improve the transparency of the work of the NPC, openness, to make it more representative, close to the masses, to accept the supervision of the NPC deputies and the broad masses of the people; to expand people’s the right to know, to promote people to actively participate in the management of state affairs, to further strengthen the construction of socialist democratic politics in our region. At the same time, the North District People’s Congress Standing Committee will be to carry out a wide range of carrier sites, with the standing around the exchange activities, actively learn from the advanced experience of the standing around, and constantly improve the North District People’s Congress Standing Committee work.
in the future, the web, hope the District People’s government and its departments, District People’s court, the people’s Procuratorate, towns (street) on behalf of the contact group, and group activities on behalf of the region at all levels of people’s Congress, to actively perform their duties on behalf of opinions and suggestions, the website submitted for deliberation opinions, and on behalf of activities, inspection, examination and training the reception, debriefing, voters, and the people’s Congress system, the work of the NPC theoretical research aspect information, research reports, pictures, etc. on behalf of style, and jointly promote the website construction, comprehensively promote the NPC Standing Committee and the government and the.


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