What is the best selling stall selling products recommended

March 30, 2017 | |Post a Comment

rely on the wages of the work, only when the moonlight family, want to start, and not too much cost, how to do? You may wish to use their spare time to choose stall business, then, like what the best selling? Now I will introduce the suitable stall to sell products, welcome to discuss.

fried ice cream

The manufacture and sale of


free ink color water write paper

currently on the market mainly practicing calligraphy with rice paper, but also to write with a brush dipped in ink. The paper can not be reused, waste paper, and children in calligraphy is easy to get the ink on the clothes. And this product with water ink, can be used repeatedly, both environmental and economic. Products in Hongkong, Southeast Asia market, after a good response.


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