Provincial Center Group held a seminar

March 31, 2017 | |Post a Comment

9 on the morning of 27 July, the provincial Party Central Committee held a seminar, invited the China Insurance Regulatory Commission party secretary Xiang Junbo, chairman of the special counseling report. Provincial Party Secretary Wang Guosheng, governor Hao Peng attended the Provincial Standing Committee, executive vice governor presided over the meeting, presided over by the president of the CPC Central Committee, the provincial governor, vice governor of the provincial Party committee, deputy governor of the.

Xiang Junbo is currently the eighteenth member of the Central Committee of the people’s Bank of China monetary policy committee, and concurrently vice chairman of the Standing Committee of the China Banking Association, President of the China Association of rural finance. At the meeting, Xiang Junbo with a strong theoretical foundation, rich practical experience, with vivid and detailed data and refined and simple language, respectively, from the world insurance industry development history, China’s insurance industry reform and development of the basic situation of the insurance industry, the service of national governance modernization thoughts, the insurance service is good Qinghai’s economic and social development ideas in four aspects, the simple and vivid counseling report reform and development of the insurance industry.

we believe that the report stations, far vision, conception, a large amount of information, reflects the strategic thinking, professional style and feelings in Qinghai, as we explore new ideas, understand the situation, grasp the overall situation, seize the opportunity to promote the development of a new development concept, brought a lot of profound thinking and wisdom, harvest a lot. Everyone said, according to the requirements of provincial deployment, pay more attention to the development of the insurance industry, and actively promote the insurance industry to participate in the economic and social development in our province in deeper and wider fields and make greater contribution to the economic and social development.

party central group members, the provincial people’s Congress, the provincial CPPCC secretary general, the provincial Party committee, Deputy Secretary General of the provincial government, the provincial ministries, provincial departments and units, people’s organizations and mass organizations, universities, Nanjing provincial enterprises and the central unit responsible comrades in Qingdao, responsible comrades of the provincial government. Part of the financial institutions and business representatives to listen to the report.


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