Xining north of the city to promote the transformation and upgrading of urban leisure agriculture

April 2, 2017 | |Post a Comment

This year, Xining City area will accelerate the construction of agricultural infrastructure, vigorously develop the fruit and vegetable planting base fine fine varieties introduction and demonstration, and "agricultural super docking" project, adhere to the urban leisure agriculture breakthroughs, concentrate on the construction of ecological agriculture, fine agriculture, efficient agricultural base, to high, fine, fine direction of transformation upgrade.

in agriculture, "one village one product, and the introduction of new varieties of demonstration, leisure picking, farming culture, rural tourism development, and vigorously promote the construction of Hui Tian, Xiang Jin Jia Wan, interested in fruit and vegetable production base and wantex, Lantian, Kelly, planting and breeding bases. Coordination with the provinces of agriculture and animal husbandry, forestry, water conservancy departments, investment more than 7890 yuan to implement science and technology demonstration park, the provincial leading workers to create standard garden vegetables and standardized breeding base of biogas construction and other construction and promotion of pollution-free vegetables, vegetable garden and other technical standards for new agricultural projects a total of 16, the completion of the agricultural investment in fixed assets 97 million 600 thousand yuan. Strive for provincial and municipal special funds for agriculture and animal husbandry 20 million yuan, the construction of solar greenhouse and greenhouse facilities more than more than 6800 buildings, more than 3420 acres, and standardize the promotion of the production of 10 vegetables, fruit production base and the base of the 6 flower seedlings.

to the construction of a tourist park to become the leading area of agricultural economic transformation and upgrading, emerging agricultural and animal husbandry industry gathering area, agriculture and animal husbandry science and technology innovation demonstration area and agricultural super docking, the main functional areas. Plans to invest 1550 yuan construction of modern agricultural industrialization breeding greenhouse construction, standardized dairy farming, factory hens and pigs breeding, breeding base construction of biogas project 5, new construction, subsidies and conditions of basic extending system of rural labor force training sunshine engineering construction project 7. Give full play to Eda "super agriculturaldocking" vegetable planting base, Wu Zhongsheng green vegetables base of fresh fruits and vegetables storage and processing and sales ability, expand and improve the recovery area growers’production vegetables directly into the detection and processing and distribution center of the "agriculture super docking" model, the implementation of science and technology lead, the introduction of new varieties, new technology application of fruit and vegetable standardization production and farmers’ practical technical training sunshine project. (author: Su Jian Pingwu Hai Ying)


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