Understand the spirit of the plenary session to create efficient service

April 3, 2017 | |Post a Comment

recently, the general office of the municipal government to organize all cadres and workers to convey the spirit of the thirteen plenary session of the Municipal Committee of the eight. Comrades agreed that must learn before, carry out before, before implementation, understand the spiritual essence, grasp the spirit essence, grasp the core focus of the fine work idea and strong measures to ensure the effective implementation of the work of the party and the government.

one is around the "four" work as a waiter. Give full play to the general office of the municipal government lead to the total, comprehensive coordination, staff service functions, accurately grasp the "four" work in each period of focus, the decomposition of the implementation of the target responsibility, and vigorously promote the "four" work timely and efficient implementation. Two is to do a good job around the reform staff. Full implementation of the comprehensive deepening of reform, the goal and task, pay close attention to research and development of the city to implement the views of the year 2014 and deepen reform action plan. Three is around the mass line educational practice as a pioneer. Ahead of the overall planning, advance learning publicity, in-depth research in advance, looking ahead to rectify the problem ahead of time, earnestly carry out the work of educational practice, to develop a good implementation plan. Four is to change the style of striving to be a model member around. Take the lead turn style, discipline, build a mechanism to implement, continue to play a positive role in the government system to strengthen discipline supervision, enhance service awareness, improve administrative efficiency. Secretarial work is outstanding "fine", "to change the style of writing"; government supervision of prominent "strict", is committed to the pursuit of effectiveness; handle affairs "outstanding" fine ", committed to" meticulous ", to enhance the level of work of the municipal government office.


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