58 villages in the city will be transformed into beautiful countryside

April 6, 2017 | |Post a Comment

For the full implementation of our province the beautiful countryside construction work conference, the general requirements to local conditions, classification guidance, planning in advance, improve the mechanism, focus, co-ordination, the city will accelerate the promotion of the whole village and the new rural construction pace this year, and strive to build a beautiful countryside with 58 historical memory, geographical characteristics, national the characteristics of the. This is the reporter from the municipal government held a press conference on May 30th to promote the work of the construction of beautiful villages and towns news briefing.

[beautiful countryside] from the beginning of this year to 2020, the province each year to build 300 plateau beautiful countryside, the beautiful countryside construction in our city this year identified 58 key villages in housing construction, environmental remediation, infrastructure and public service facilities construction as the main content. At present, 58 beautiful countryside planning has been completed, Datong, Huangzhong, Huangyuan three county is to speed up the preparation of the planning of the county town planning, strengthen the control of the construction of regional planning and guidance, will be the center of the village into the specification range, through the joint development of urban and rural productivity layout and clear and reasonable space structure form, will extend the city infrastructure to rural areas, social service facilities in rural areas.

[beautiful] town center from this year to 2020, will build 80 beautiful towns in our province, which I will build a beautiful town center 13. This year, the implementation of the city’s two beautiful central towns: Datong Qiaotou town, Huangyuan County Chengguan town. Focus on organizing the implementation of municipal transportation, central heating, urban water supply and drainage and other infrastructure projects and education, culture, health and other public service facilities projects and environmental remediation, industrial development, ecological protection, affordable housing construction projects.

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