Gourmet street investment five traps

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food and beverage industry has a special way of operation that is the food street, floating on the eyes of the crowd, the long row of food street, more rumors of food street has a turnover of millions. However, these are the layman in the eyes of the delicacy street, in fact is within two or three years of the brand new delicacy street for two rounds, the scenery is like to be kicked out of the cannon fodder, only because of the delicacy Street investment trap you don’t know.

– pit [1] –

source from passenger Everfount

, imagination, delicacy Street comes with IP, you don’t have to worry about the problem of passenger traffic. According to China Merchants party propaganda and their own estimates, there must be a large number of admiring diners.

– in fact –

this is the most common mistakes in food street.

After the discovery of

, the real support of consumption, was actually a few residents around the neighborhood, as well as several office workers, there is no imagination of a steady flow of passengers.

district residents consumption frequency is very low, near the office workers at noon and low consumer price.

As soon as

opened, he was stupid.

– pit [2] –

traffic treasure

, imagination, delicacy street the site is generally not too bad, where the city adjacent to the main road, not far from the opening of the new subway exit, it is occupying the gold treasure.

– in fact –

near the municipal planning new lane; subway construction Weidang postponed half lead to sustained congestion; across the street shopping center opened in a half year; delicacy street parking planning is seriously insufficient, no public parking lot does not say, each store their own cars accounted for nearly 1/4 of the position in front of the store, customers can not find parking spaces for ten minutes to traffic more convenient CBD……

mentioned it, the gas is not one to play it down endless grievances.

gourmet street 5 traps: naive I lost half a year in…

– pit [3] –

is the better

straight line

, imagination, straight and wide streets, see clear signage and windows, rapid drainage.

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