How to reduce the unnecessary loss of the store

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store business is not easy, if the loss is still large, no doubt will make profits greatly reduced. In short, in a small supermarket and convenience stores in rural and suburban towns, some large shopping malls and wholesale Department of the impact, they only focus on the strength of the competition, often face lost the competition, their first lost the battle force, in the face of the deteriorating business depression, not complaining, is the loss of a planned purchase business, the loss of management awareness, often resulting in unnecessary loss, however, reduce these losses is the store profit.

planned purchase. In order to rival game, regardless of their operating environment, regional and consumer groups, blindly into the purchase of some unsalable goods, funds do not say, the price of goods is not stable, sometimes caused by slow-moving goods prices, resulting in losses, this is the loss. There are sales of cigarettes, will not be combined with their usual sales situation to develop the stock of cigarettes, once out of stock will lose a source, the loss is the loss of tourists.

pay attention to shelf life. Now some of the goods in the purchase, the manufacturers will be in terms of shelf life to do a good job, the clerk will be placed in the delivery of goods at the same time to view the shelf life of the goods, the critical commodities have been changed. Some goods are not in the range of exchange, store will often check this part of the goods production date and shelf life, special sales in the near period, don’t wait for the overdue attention, which is caused by the loss of their own.

attention to the anti-theft security. Because the store is not installed anti-theft facilities, there will be special attention in the security aspect, the winter will cover the thief to steal the thick clothes. Summer will make use of the main store owners to relax vigilance to carry out theft, which should be paid attention to, pay attention to the stranger’s move, in the prevention of more time. Must be diligent, eye ground, foot patrol customer moves frequently, naturally or half unconsciously to reduce unnecessary waste, and the loss is reduced to the lowest level. More to learn some liar deception techniques, to prevent a few, do not give the opportunity to cheat, it will reduce the loss.

not price war. In professional competition, once the price war with their peers, is bound to cause a waste of money but also hurt you, I also drop down, less than the purchase price, there is a loss; in order to beat each other, choose to sell fakes use unscrupulous divisive tactics to lose, the trust of consumers, the loss is irreparable. In fact, the price war is not the only choice, there are many ways to enhance competition, such as: better service quality, provide quality products, do a sales promotion gifts, abandon the idea of peer is the enemy, and colleagues to maintain the market order.

there are a lot of shops in fact profitability is good, but it is because of the neglect of some of the details of the operating process, leading to loss of great. Therefore, in the sale, if you pay attention to these can avoid the loss, even if it is not

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