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do not want to wear clothes, bath robe has become the choice of many people, loose and comfortable bathrobes can make people more trust, but in the face of numerous brand bathrobes, consumers can choose many brands, then the robe which brand is good? The whole will introduce a bathrobe brand ranking.

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finthen robe the brand was founded in 1997, is a fabric development, product design, production and sales of large-scale clothing enterprises Home Furnishing. The product is divided into spring and summer, autumn and winter four seasons, on a quarterly basis to launch many series 300 balance, after ten years of carey building, now in the domestic market, "underwear" products have been all over the various provinces and cities nationwide.

Qingtong bathrobe brand is the strength of the industry is also well-known brands Chinese provider. Online shopping is a popular brand. With its novel style, the brand is complete, the price is moderate, so it is favored by many consumers.

to robe is a Home Furnishing clothing brand in South Korea, in 1997 officially entered the Chinese building production base, and successy established Shantou to Garment Co. Ltd. and "to" brand. To bath brand has a good market extension and market reputation, adhere to innovation, steady growth and sustained operation market strategy through painstaking work in the pursuit of growth at the same time, to become a leader in the domestic apparel industry brand Home Furnishing.

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