Don’t ignore the small business entrepreneurship shop

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a lot of people do business is a big business thinking, thinking about how to make a one-time how lucrative wealth. However, a lot of big business is made up of small businesses. In fact, small business is nothing more than some daily necessaries, odds and ends of sewing small objects, sometimes with interest did not sell a pack of cigarettes to earn more money, because small, many businesses of this kind of small business is not hard, the service attitude is also more difficult to compliment, commodity is basically a number of older people buy or very careful in reckoning. They will be better than three, on the one hand and you can bargain, sometimes make you angry.

I have encountered such a person, we have a district located in the name of the elderly, every time to buy things and you will bargain, such as to buy bags of salt, chicken or something, you have to give him the wholesale price. Small abacus very fine, did not know he knows I’m here where the wholesale price of goods, is an area where people bow to see the rise, is the retail price, can not make some money, this little thing, then the wholesale price to him, sometimes to a fraction. Do not make money, or even at a loss. Sometimes, I hate him, to see him, and quickly called his wife to receive him, his wife to his attitude, good service.

In fact, in

, is not short of money, there are six thousand or seven thousand old two retirement pay for a month, my wife said, he is the character of the people. Some time ago, the old wife had to buy things here because I become accustomed to, drinks, candy in my book here, let several peers are very surprised, but the large orders pen on a million. In the book and my lover, I blurted out, also according to the old habits, I give you the wholesale price. Yu said with a smile, of course, the old rules.

this year, there have been happy at home, his son to marry a wife, the little granddaughter was born, birthday, he just picked me a feast on the supply of goods, he said, small left this person is not stingy, not a snob, and I deal with is comfortable.

if you don’t want to do such a small business at the beginning, how do you have the big business behind? This thing told me, do not ignore the small business, not to neglect the small commodity customers, small business at any time contains a large business opportunities.

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