Clothing to join the entrepreneurial shop location four steps

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site for any industry is the first step of entrepreneurship shop, good store address can bring Everfount traffic, so for entrepreneurs, want to open a clothing store is the first step to do to the site! But a lot of friends in the site due to lack of experience, is indecisive! Clothing to join the site what exactly? What are some of the skills of site selection? Let’s have a look!

1, a clothing store and pick the place: determine the crowd flow rate

2, opened a clothing store to find the location: visit the surrounding environment of

3, opened a clothing store at the store building to live advertising

please hold first date the mood at the store, to care, clothing to join to hold the suspect. First far, then look at the past, think of your store in the space feeling, once the name on the sign, will be very conspicuous? Can people who drive past see it? Pedestrians can be noticed from the sidewalk? A good store is like a live ad, not only to make it easy for you to find, but also to the road through the potential customers to show themselves. In addition, the clothing store building design is also a key point, the location for the retail industry? Attractive? Even in the appearance of similar shopping street, the quality may be quite different. Is the quality of the building as good as yours? Remember, be sure to think from the perspective of brand building.

4, opened a clothing store to choose good neighbors neighbors: get

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