Environmental protection of the whole friends to create a new green environmental protection concept

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bathroom is very important in the life of the product, and it is no longer a simple cleaning supplies, people began to give it more role. Friends of the bathroom in the market has a popular popularity, brand design concept is outstanding, the product is very intelligent, humane, for more people to create a general concept of environmental protection.

"friends" the trademark represents the furniture in the hearts of many people (furniture), not only is the friends of the whole furniture, it also represents a sanitary ware. All the friends of the bathroom is also a well-known bathroom in China, is also a cover in the whole family under the light of the bathroom brand, a bathroom brand known as the first green bathroom.

all friends of the bathroom and sanitary products are exported overseas, on both sides of the Changjiang River China, has been fully affirmed the government, industry and consumers, has won the national Ministry of foreign trade and economic cooperation, the State Department of building materials quality products, state science and Technology Commission and the state Ministry of construction of residential construction products, green building sanitary ceramics Chinese recommended products, China green building materials products the national customer satisfaction products, China ten water-saving bathroom products, China building sanitary ceramics 30 years 30 well-known brands, China ten engineering bathroom brand Chinese ten ceramic sanitary ware brand, Chinese gold, China water-saving sanitary ware brand sanitary products quality award and so on.

brand constantly sum up more skills, marketing and development of cumulative knowledge, get a lot of peer recognition in the market. All friends bathroom? Strengthening the solid base, to accumulate steadily, comfortable and environmental protection Home Furnishing life for more consumers.


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