Graduate students to invest in what industry

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now, looking for a job is not an easy task, especially college graduates, it is difficult to find a satisfactory job, there are a lot of people moved the heart of entrepreneurship shop. So, for a little work experience, money is not too much graduate students, what business is more promising? Tens of millions of industry on the market, the right choice, entrepreneurial shop can worry. Below, Xiaobian for everyone to introduce.


rental products inflatable ball celebration


project is to deal with all kinds of large-scale business, broadcast propaganda, art festival, opening, construction, completion, conference, wedding, birthday, birthday, holiday and other celebrations, rental products such as inflatable ball. The initial investment required to purchase the rent, gas costs 10 thousand yuan. Each gas supplies general every day rent 150-300 yuan, a prefecture level city every year such activities are generally in 50-60, such as the 1/3 of them can strive for business, the annual profit is up to 6-8 million.

2, leather shoes beauty

this renovation mainly shoes beauty shops mainly in the provision of repair service for customers at the same time, the deformation of shape, skin aging, stains are difficult to remove and discard the old shoes but, after sterilization, plastic shaping, coloring and polishing, color POLLUTIONPROOF and wrinkle equal in a series of processes, so that a pair of old leather recovery lustre. Initial investment costs about 10 thousand yuan. According to each pair of leather shoes beauty charge 5-10 yuan, if the daily average of 20 pairs of shoes, so the daily turnover of up to 80-180 yuan, minus the rent, costs and expenses, daily income can reach 60-160 yuan, the monthly income of up to $1500-3000.

3, green food

said that twenty-first Century is a green century, along with the concept of green consumption is increasingly accepted by consumers, China’s green food consumption and rapid growth, the international market of organic agricultural products market share has gradually expanded, provides opportunities for the development of green food in china. The development of green food is not only conducive to the protection of the environment, promote the sustainable development of agriculture, but also help to increase the income of farmers, improve the economic efficiency of enterprises, expand the export of agricultural products. This is a good job.

4, jewelry design

jewelry design shop, shop area does not need to be too big, but inside and outside decoration but must match the location and the customer class, clever use of space, create the atmosphere of individuality and fashionable, so must be arranged in order to create new styles of eye-catching. Selection of jewelry design drawings, is the most exciting moment. They look from a wide range of patterns, looking for the right, like the shape. Therefore, taking into account the spirit of customer pleasure is an important part. >

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